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Tuesday, 8 November 2011


I know, I know...I'm behind with the whole 'nude nail craze', however it never appealed to me having nail varnish that looked like...well, nothing.

When I paint my nails, It has to look obvious. It has to look like I have something on otherwise I feel bare. I am aware that that is weird.

So when I picked up this baby from Accessorize, I was reluctant to give it a go, especially considering it is practically my skin colour.


However, I have decided I like. Although not completely sure of what to call this colour.

Lasting power? Check
Opaque in two coats? Check

*cue bad description*

Definitely effortless chic, it looks as if I have been lazy with my nails, yet makes them look naturally amazing.

I'm going to buy myself a couple of bottles because I know this is my new staple nail colour.