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Sunday, 19 February 2012


No matter how much I love this dress, there is definitely something missing. I didn't know what that something was until the first day I wore it, Valentines day.

I hit the nail on the head. Shoes. It's missing a good pair of black heels.

However, if you knew me you'd know I'm not a massive 'heel-wearer' (I love them, but I'm a giant if I wear them). So instead I wore them with nude flats...boring, I know.

It's from Never Fully Dressed and I mentioned it on my Christmas Wishlist but in cream.

Cannot express my love for this at the moment and I've planned many occasions to wear this.

 Don't worry, this photo is not serious ;)
These earings are also from NFD, it's not very clear in the photo but they're massive gold heart hoops - on the right person they are to DIE for.