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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Off to college haul

I am sorry if your getting sick of my hauls now...but this August I have been 'in the money' (which is mainly because of my birthday), and I'll just let you know now...I am never rich. ever. and that's down to my 'spendaholic' self.

Anyway, I am starting a new college in a week now, and no uniform = an excuse to go shopping.

Here is what I bought today;A knitted, oversized cardi. In the photo I paired it with a cheap belt from Primark, with or without it looks amazing. Topshop, warm and oh so comfy.

My favourite top out of the lot! I especially love the elastic waist. Again, from Topshop.

I've had my eye on this baby for a few weeks now, and considering I haven't had a decent coat for two years, I thought it was about time I invest. Yes, you heard me, invest. It's faux fur, and yep, you guessed it, it's from Topshop.

(Damn, sorry for the bad quality) A zip-up cardigan with metallic studs. River Island.

Three basic tops, essential for layering. From good old H&M.

A plain, pale pink cardi from Newlook.

Mauve colour, beautiful detailing around the neckline. From River Island.

Lace up brogues. They're not real leather, but real enough for me! From New Look.

I finally got the foundation I have been desiring for ages. The Chanel Mat Lumiere in shade 20, which also has an SPF 15. With it, I got the precision eye definer in 02. (Once I've tried it out for a couple of weeks, would you like me to do a review?)

I apologize for that ridiculously long haul, but at least now I'm all stocked up for Autumn/Winter.
Thankyou very much for reading and I'd love to read your thoughts and views on my new purchases :)

Monday, 30 August 2010

The September Issue

Vogue, Vogue, Vogue, oh how I love you.

Now that it's almost September I thought why not make a post about my favourite magazine. Ever.
Kate Moss is the cover girl and oh my doesn't she look amazing in her desirable Burberry pea coat (but at £1,495 I think I'll leave it...)? It's this years biggest issue - and boy does it live up to it's expectations.

I recieved this baby in the post at the beginning of August, and as much as it sounds stupid, I got those butterflys in my tummy as soon as I realised it was Vogue!

'Did I just say that?'

This months issue marked Kates 30th British Vogue cover.

Kate has effortless beauty, and with this cover, the saying 'less is more' defintley describes this.
Her seven page wonder 'The Moss Factor' is stunning.

Here are my favourite photos out of the shoot:

(I would love to know what hair products they used to get the amount of texture and volume she has, just wow!)

Have you recieved the new issue of Vogue? Don't you think 'Mossy' is just gorge?!

I'm back!

Yes, I am back after a lovely, relaxing week at Centre Parcs.

It's funny because we actually didn't do a lot, but I am completely shattered now!
I didn't realise but we were actually staying in an 'executive' suite which includes Wifi...but the Wifi broke on the first use...smooth, centre parcs ;)

We did a lot of cycling, swimming in the rapids (and I can tell you now that I will never wear a bikini in those rapids again, embarrasing times...), eating (of course), went on the huge zip wire, a bit of ping pong here and there and generally just chilling. Which is exactly how I like it!

Have any of you been to Centre Parcs before?

Friday, 20 August 2010

Just a quick update

So I had my first spray tan on Tuesday. Um. What can I say? It's all very well when people say 'Don't do it, you'll look like an Orange'... I dismissed those comments, and I can honestly say now, that when I came out of that tanning booth I was completely mortified!

I'm not exaggerating here, It looked like I had rolled around in mud for the day. Not my idea of a 'natural glow'.

I had been warned not to go into the shower that night because it would all wash off - sounded good to me!

But i bared all, and was so happy to jump in the shower the next morning. To my delight, I could see the 'muddiness' wash away.

And now? I am what your call a 'natural glow'. Thank the lord. Quite the contrary to my feelings at the beginning, I actually love the colour now.

I had the spray tan for my joint 16th Birthday bash - which was on Wednesday. We both rented out a local club and it was a 'ravers' theme. Neon everything. Looked amazing. Here is that scrumptious cake I have been eating all day...

(Yes, it is covered in m&m's...get it? Molly and Maisie...)

Lastly, next week I am off to Centre Parcs - and although this means I will have to put up with the recent (recent? more like normal) miserable weather here in England, I cannot wait! Unfortunately this means I cant blog during the week *sad face*. I'm going to miss it, but don't fret, I will be back!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Suprise suprise, I went shopping! (plus an outfit of the day)

Shocking news, I know...

As I previously mentioned in my blog I said it was my birthday, and I had some lovely money to spend.

And me being me, I overspent. Ooppss.

Anyway here is what I bought;

Some MAC translucent powder, I'm hoping this is a life-saver for oily skinned people like everyone says it is! Plus my first MAC lipstick in Creme Cup, a beautiful, natural baby pink.

A new pandora charm!

A basic blue and white stripey top - long enough to wear with leggins and a denim jacket.

Outfit of the day

I couldn't go shopping and not go into my favourite shop, almighty Topshop.

I bought this beautiful Leopard print, almost-asymmetric dress. You could 'rock it up' with some biker boots, or 'chic it down' with some pumps.
To complete this look, I also got this insanely versatile denim jacket and £40 was the price of this baby.
The shoes are gladiator sandles from River Island and I believe they were £35.

Hope you guys liked it, and i'd love to know what you think!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Birthday Haul

My Birthday - It was Friday 13th. And I know, I know, unlucky for some...but not for me. Everything I got I am truley grateful for and thought I'd show you some of what I recieved just for a bit of fun :)

A Pandora Braclet - wanted one ever since I saw the advert in Vogue for it! Beautiful, unique and chic! I love it.

The charms I recieved too...

The green is Murano Glass and is the colour of my birthstone
The hippo was given to me by my auntie...during Easter 2010 my family and I went on a safari in Malawi and Zambia, so clearly this charm represnts one amazing holiday!

A Bag - adore. Real leather too! It's from a small individual shop in my local town, but i'm very sure there are others like it. It's big enough to fit my laptop in it so that's definitley a win for me!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer - ooohh la la, totally totally worth buying, completely matte and can be worn all year round (I won't go on as i'm sure you've heard about this baby lots!)

MAC 187 brush and Patina eyeshadow - The brush is just amazing, expensive I know (but you could probably find one on eBay for so much cheaper) and the Patina eyeshadow is a lot like Indianwood by MAC...love it a lot.

Sorry this turned into a bit of a makeup haul but you know how it is...
Money was one of my main presents, so i'll be off shopping for new clothes very very soon, so expect another haul :)

Thursday, 12 August 2010

More than an obsession: Nail Varnish

...and my collection is ever growing.

White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Turquoise, Pink, Mushroom, you name it, I have it! But I don't just collect nail varnish for the sake of it...ok, maybe i do sometimes. But that's not the point.

Without nail varnish I feel bare. It sounds completely insane, but it's true. I hope you know what I mean...

Now, I know this isn't a makeup blog, and this is where fashion comes in.
To me, nail varnish completely changes what an outfit looks like. Red nail varnish with a black outfit looks scandalous.

Spot the difference....

hmm, not sure about you but i can see a huge difference. Obviously the red stands out and your eye is attracted to it immediatly. But it gives more depth to the outfit, makes you look like you've spent more time on your outfit.

(Just so you know, my favourite Red nail varnish is The Thrill of Brazil by OPI - just fabulous)

Tell me what you think, is it just my out-of-control-obsession brain-washing me?!

Now that I've come to the end, I think I'm just going to pop off to re-apply my red nail varnish, be right back ;)

Monday, 9 August 2010

Another TAG: Fashion questions.

Sorry all...another TAG blogpost coming your way.
I previously said I was going to The Big Chill music festival and I did and it was truely amazing, however i probably only had 10 hours sleep over the 3 days i was there, so slightly tired now!

So this TAG blogpost is just a quick and easy one I can do when I'm half asleep, hope you don't mind!

1.What is your favourite fashion style to wear?
Probably rock chick meets boho kind of thing. I follow trends but not religiously and if I have something I like, I will wear it.

2.Who is your fashion role model?
I don't have a fashion role model, but when I flick through magazines I usually like what Whitney Port, Cheryl Cole and Kate Moss has on...who doesn't?!

3.What do you always have on?
A necklace and nail polish!
Oh and now that I have my Pandora charm bracelet, I always wear that without fail!

4.What are your favourite jeans?
My white skinnys by H&M, cheap, lasted ages (so far!) and fitting.

5.What are your favourite sunglasses and shoes?
Favourite sunglasses will have to be my Ray-Ban Aviator's
Favourite shoes would be my Topshop ankle boots in Black

6.What is your favourite store?
Topshop for definite!

7.What is you favourite fabric?
Cotton because it's cool in the summer and warm during winter.

8.Who is your favourite model?
Kate Moss or Natalia Vodianova

9.If you had £5000 to spend on any fashion related item what would you spend it on?
If I could spend it on multiple items, then a Mulberry Bayswater bag would be on the top of my list followed by a Chanel bag and an expensive fur coat! But if I could only spend £5000 on one item, then it'd still be a bag!

10.Heels or Flats?

11.What purse do you use?
Mainly an Accessorize bag. But I use different bags most days.

12.Is Fashion in your blood?
My mum and sister loves fashion too, so I suppose so.

13.What is your fav lipstick?
Benefit Skinny Dip - got it free with my Vogue subscription so love it even more!

I tag all of my followers to do this if you like, then send me a link in the comments and i'll have a good look!

By the way, thankyou everyone who is following me - it means so so much :)

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

TAG: 20 Questions

I read this post on Fashion Forewords blog and loved it! So this is my own version...

1.Thing you cannot leave the house without
My iPhone – I literally feel bare without it!

2.Favorite brand of makeup
MAC (not that I have a lot) and Benefit

3.Favorite Flowers
White roses.

4.Favourite clothing stores
Topshop! I love ASOS aswell

5.Favourite perfume
That’d be Daisy by Marc Jacobs by a long mile!

6.Heels or flats
If I had to pick one type to wear everyday, all day – it would be flats.

7.Do you make good grades?
Yes, reasonably good. I work hard for them.

8.Favourite colours
Turquoise. But on clothes definitely black.

9.Do you drink energy drinks?

10.Do you drink juice?
Oh yes, orange and apple mainly.

11.Do you like swimming?
Love it, I don’t get to go a lot though.

12.Do you eat fries with a fork?.
Nah, I do it the easy way ;)

13.Whats your favourite moisturizer?
Soap and Glory Righteous Butter

14.Do you want to get married later on in life?
Yes and ideally around the age of 28. Precise, I know.

15.Do you get mad easily?
This is a hard question. I suppose I guess who it is.

16.Are you into ghost hunting?

17.Any phobias?
Yes and it’s a weird one. I have a phobia of eyes. If someone touches their eye I just can’t handle it.

18.Do you bite your nails?
I used to.

19.Have you ever had a near death experience?
Maybe not ‘near death’, but when I was 7, me and a friend were playing ‘mums and babies’ in the car, you know as you do. Obviously unaware of what the handbrake was used for, I took the handbrake off and the car rolled down the drive way (which had a main road at the bottom). The car was gathering speed and I tried to turn the steering wheel but it was in ‘lock’ mode. For some reason the car turned and knocked down the gate into the paddock. So I suppose it was very lucky!

20.Do you drink coffee?
Well I prefer it to tea, so yes.

I tag all of my followers and if you decide to do it, leave me a comment and i'll have a look :)

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Outfit of the Day FAIL!

Excitment. A new top - from River Island!

It seems perfect - cream, long enough to wear with leggins and beautiful detaling.

It was rather see through, but a plain, black top underneath can fix that!
Personally, i absolutely loved this outfit. It was simple and exactly what I like.

Cardigan by day. Boy friend blazer by night.

The satin-like material really caught my eye and the black buttons did it for me.

But then a problem occured.
I washed it exactly how it told me too.
But when I came to wear it, there was a distasteful, black mark on it. Well actually, there were nine. Having looked closely, I noticed that the black dye on the buttons had leaked onto the back.

I was very dissapointed.

But, I took it back to River Island, they were very helpful and had actually said that this was a first. So they gave me another and I happily wore it that night.

But no.

Two of the buttons came off, which in my opinion, isn't the best of looks - especially when you haven't noticed and you're wondering around oblivious.

So, although it is a beautiful top, I took it back once again and got given my money back. Don't get me wrong, I worship River Island and this bad quality is definitely not like them.

But it doesn't stop me in saying that that Outfit of the Day was a bit of an epic fail!