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Monday, 9 August 2010

Another TAG: Fashion questions.

Sorry all...another TAG blogpost coming your way.
I previously said I was going to The Big Chill music festival and I did and it was truely amazing, however i probably only had 10 hours sleep over the 3 days i was there, so slightly tired now!

So this TAG blogpost is just a quick and easy one I can do when I'm half asleep, hope you don't mind!

1.What is your favourite fashion style to wear?
Probably rock chick meets boho kind of thing. I follow trends but not religiously and if I have something I like, I will wear it.

2.Who is your fashion role model?
I don't have a fashion role model, but when I flick through magazines I usually like what Whitney Port, Cheryl Cole and Kate Moss has on...who doesn't?!

3.What do you always have on?
A necklace and nail polish!
Oh and now that I have my Pandora charm bracelet, I always wear that without fail!

4.What are your favourite jeans?
My white skinnys by H&M, cheap, lasted ages (so far!) and fitting.

5.What are your favourite sunglasses and shoes?
Favourite sunglasses will have to be my Ray-Ban Aviator's
Favourite shoes would be my Topshop ankle boots in Black

6.What is your favourite store?
Topshop for definite!

7.What is you favourite fabric?
Cotton because it's cool in the summer and warm during winter.

8.Who is your favourite model?
Kate Moss or Natalia Vodianova

9.If you had £5000 to spend on any fashion related item what would you spend it on?
If I could spend it on multiple items, then a Mulberry Bayswater bag would be on the top of my list followed by a Chanel bag and an expensive fur coat! But if I could only spend £5000 on one item, then it'd still be a bag!

10.Heels or Flats?

11.What purse do you use?
Mainly an Accessorize bag. But I use different bags most days.

12.Is Fashion in your blood?
My mum and sister loves fashion too, so I suppose so.

13.What is your fav lipstick?
Benefit Skinny Dip - got it free with my Vogue subscription so love it even more!

I tag all of my followers to do this if you like, then send me a link in the comments and i'll have a good look!

By the way, thankyou everyone who is following me - it means so so much :)


  1. Topshop is my favourite too :)

    Monica xoxo

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  3. i did this


    :D mentioned u as well gorge xxx