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Friday, 20 August 2010

Just a quick update

So I had my first spray tan on Tuesday. Um. What can I say? It's all very well when people say 'Don't do it, you'll look like an Orange'... I dismissed those comments, and I can honestly say now, that when I came out of that tanning booth I was completely mortified!

I'm not exaggerating here, It looked like I had rolled around in mud for the day. Not my idea of a 'natural glow'.

I had been warned not to go into the shower that night because it would all wash off - sounded good to me!

But i bared all, and was so happy to jump in the shower the next morning. To my delight, I could see the 'muddiness' wash away.

And now? I am what your call a 'natural glow'. Thank the lord. Quite the contrary to my feelings at the beginning, I actually love the colour now.

I had the spray tan for my joint 16th Birthday bash - which was on Wednesday. We both rented out a local club and it was a 'ravers' theme. Neon everything. Looked amazing. Here is that scrumptious cake I have been eating all day...

(Yes, it is covered in m&m's...get it? Molly and Maisie...)

Lastly, next week I am off to Centre Parcs - and although this means I will have to put up with the recent (recent? more like normal) miserable weather here in England, I cannot wait! Unfortunately this means I cant blog during the week *sad face*. I'm going to miss it, but don't fret, I will be back!


  1. That is so cute cake! very very cute! and belated happy b-day!


  2. I had a spray tan a few years back and it was an absolute disaster! My face even felt a bit burned! Glad yours turned out well though! And happy birthday!
    I just discovered your blog - it's great and am following :)
    Kat x

  3. Stunningly yummy cake :O and love the idea with the M&M's :) i'm confused as to what that dot in the corner is though lol :)

    and i always find self tan from the stores is much more effective than going to a salon and doing it.

    i use St. Tropez and its really good

    Monica xx

  4. @Monica - ahh the little dot is where the sparkler went ;)
    and yes, i really want to try St. Tropez, I always here good things about it, expensive though! (mind you, probably not as expensive as the spray tan)

  5. It's such a pretty cake - have a good holiday :) xoxo


  6. I have never gotten a tan done (way to dark skinned already...) but that sounds scary! So glad that it washed off! I am actually in the process for planning my 16th birthday right now, eekkk! So much stuff to account for!


  7. Your cake looks amaazing! Hope you had a great night and an amaazing birthday chick! I freaked out when I had my first spray tan haha but the next morning it was fine like you said! Check out my blog if you have some spare time :) http://beautybloggings.blogspot.com

    Jenn xx

  8. Such a great idea for the cake!

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  11. I"e always wanted to try a spray tan !!! great story new follow hope you can follow too !!