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Monday, 30 August 2010

The September Issue

Vogue, Vogue, Vogue, oh how I love you.

Now that it's almost September I thought why not make a post about my favourite magazine. Ever.
Kate Moss is the cover girl and oh my doesn't she look amazing in her desirable Burberry pea coat (but at £1,495 I think I'll leave it...)? It's this years biggest issue - and boy does it live up to it's expectations.

I recieved this baby in the post at the beginning of August, and as much as it sounds stupid, I got those butterflys in my tummy as soon as I realised it was Vogue!

'Did I just say that?'

This months issue marked Kates 30th British Vogue cover.

Kate has effortless beauty, and with this cover, the saying 'less is more' defintley describes this.
Her seven page wonder 'The Moss Factor' is stunning.

Here are my favourite photos out of the shoot:

(I would love to know what hair products they used to get the amount of texture and volume she has, just wow!)

Have you recieved the new issue of Vogue? Don't you think 'Mossy' is just gorge?!


  1. Love special edition vogue I have one that I bought in PARIS so special to me !!

  2. I have got it and am trying to make it last throughout the whole of September (not gonna happen) I can wait to read it :D

  3. I've got it and i have read it cover to cover its even got coffee on it, but i can't agree with you on the moss factor i don't see her as a good role model for young girls.

  4. @Honeylust24 - haha i tried but failed!

    @Katie - yeah that's interesting, I wouldn't say she is a role model, but I definitely see her as an icon for older girls. I agree with you on the fact that I don't think she's a good role model for younger girls - too self absorbed.

  5. mmmm i don't know i think shes a little over played but thats just my opinion :) check out my blog www.katieforfashion.blogspot.com and my youtube www.youtube.com/katiiee3000 your blog is very cool btw.