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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Outfit of the Day FAIL!

Excitment. A new top - from River Island!

It seems perfect - cream, long enough to wear with leggins and beautiful detaling.

It was rather see through, but a plain, black top underneath can fix that!
Personally, i absolutely loved this outfit. It was simple and exactly what I like.

Cardigan by day. Boy friend blazer by night.

The satin-like material really caught my eye and the black buttons did it for me.

But then a problem occured.
I washed it exactly how it told me too.
But when I came to wear it, there was a distasteful, black mark on it. Well actually, there were nine. Having looked closely, I noticed that the black dye on the buttons had leaked onto the back.

I was very dissapointed.

But, I took it back to River Island, they were very helpful and had actually said that this was a first. So they gave me another and I happily wore it that night.

But no.

Two of the buttons came off, which in my opinion, isn't the best of looks - especially when you haven't noticed and you're wondering around oblivious.

So, although it is a beautiful top, I took it back once again and got given my money back. Don't get me wrong, I worship River Island and this bad quality is definitely not like them.

But it doesn't stop me in saying that that Outfit of the Day was a bit of an epic fail!


  1. i like that outfit!
    the top is very marocan style
    ...what about the shoes?
    and its sucks that such a beautiful top turns to be that low quality...=/


  2. @Shiran A - You're right, it is marocan style. The shoes would have been a pair of sandles from Accessorize! I'll do another outfit of the day and include them.

    I know, such a shame and not what i expect from River Island. I'll check out your blog :) xx

  3. very cute top. One of my friend shops at river island and she has really nice outfits :)

  4. cute outfit...its sad that it turned out to be bad quality...


  5. That's so depressing that the quality was poor, but such a cute top. :] I love how you paired it with things for night and day looks.

  6. thats such a dissapointment from river island because its not cheap. love the top though same.