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Saturday, 31 July 2010


So, I thought I was doing well. I hadn't gone shopping for just over a week...until ASOS sent me an email.

'FREE next day delivery'

Oh, thanks for that!

Off I pop onto their website, and with The Big Chill creeping up, i convince myself I need a new crop top. Oh, and maybe a pair of over the knee socks...

So, with the free delivery on my side, the grand total was only £20! I love a good buy.

This beautiful, white cotton crop could be worn with jeans to wear it everyday. You wouldn't want to wear a statement necklace with this, as the ruffles (which, by the way, are very 'in' at the moment) would complicate the look too much. The black jeans against the white top really enhance your tan.

or maybe with some denim shorts and knee high socks to spice things up! I'm going to wear this at The Big Chill!
(I'd wear my navy Hunters with this, but left them at a friends! You get the idea...)

With that over, I have promised myself I will not spend for at least 2 weeks.

OH! Hang on. A Topshop sale. Maybe after the sale ;)


  1. haha, love the last outfit, with the top and shorts, and knee socks. love it!

  2. Hey! I know this is going to seem a bit weird but I thought I would say "HI" after reading in your About Me section that you wanted to be a fashion journalist. I am starting at London College of Fashion in September to do a BA in Fashion Journalism, and will be posting alot of stuff about it on my blog. (I'll link below!).
    If you need any advice or info or whatever, I would have no problems helping :)
    Sorry if this is super weird but I really like your blog too. Your shopping obsession is very shared!!

    Ellie xx

  3. @Imogen - Thankyou! :)

    @Fashion Foreword - Oh wow! Well congratulations on your place at London College of Fashion - I would absoulutely DREAM of going there when I'm older!
    Yes, I might have to follow you up on the 'asking you questions' front :)

    I'll check out your blog now - thankyou!

    Molly xx

  4. hey :]
    I also just started a fashion blog, it isn't very much at all, and i have your same shopping obsession :D hah! check out my blog


  5. heyyyyy loveee your blog I would love it if you went and checked mine out


    its a fashion blog :)

  6. Cute top, you look cute with it!!

    Asos is the the bomb :)

  7. @Natalie - Just checked out your blog and love it :)

    @Cheapts - thanks for the link!

    @Fashion Rehab - You got it in one! Asos is the bomb :)