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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Outfit of the Day

I'm listening to Eminem at the moment - quite the contrary to my outfit of the day. I'm liking it.I always like to inject colour into my outfits, however this one i clearly didn't. But the main focus was on layering and texture.

- Black Camisole - Primark £1.50
- Cream Viscose overall - Topshop £18 (I think, but it was definitely cheap for an item from Topshop)
- Tan Belt - Accessorize Sale item but many duplicates found in New Look etc.
- Plait Bodycon Mini Skirt - Topshop £25
- Mad Hatter necklace - Accessorize Sale Item, normally £5
- Gladiator Heels - my mums!

This could be worn for almost anyth
ing, an interview, a regular day at work, or even just nipping into town - which is how I wore it. The colours are neutral so it won't offend a winters day.
The structure of the cream top would compliment mainly those with a smaller bust because the 'm' shaped bra line emphasises that area. Woo!

The cute necklace works perfectly with the black.
Be warned, the bodycon skirt is very fitting, so be cautious o
f that VPL!*
And as for the shoes...well do i need to expand?

I just added a Navy jacket (H&M) for warmth, but obviously that is optional and you could partner it with a boyfriend blazer and look as equally sophisticated!

Man, i love high street fashion!

*VPL - Visible Panty Line!!

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