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Sunday, 3 October 2010

What's in my bag?

I thought I may aswell follow the trend as I haven't written a post in too long - sorry about that!

I literally have a Mary Poppins bag, I can fit anything and everything in it.(One time i stuffed my massive fur coat in it, and I still had room for everything else!)

Before you ask, yes, I do carry a KitKat with me pretty much wherever I go, you never know when you might feel a bit peckish)

My bag is at the back which I got for my birthday (i've done a previous blog post on it).

Rose and Almond Oil Vaseline, absolute lipsaver (ha!), especially for winter.

Sunglasses, there is a small possibility that the sun will shine in England!

My makeup bag


In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, I'm currently studying it in English Lit+Lang, and it's honestly the first book that I've studyed that I have enjoyed. It's a true story aswell! I recommend.

My Primark purse, such a bargain. Plus it's very Chanel-esque :)

Mini purse which I keep my keys and memory stick in

Headphones of course!

This is actually a period pad holder, cute design and very descrete!

D&G L'Imperatrice Perfume, it's a big bottle so not great to carry around if you've got a full bag already. It doesn't stop me though!

A KitKat :)

A mirror

My iPhone. I'm going to admit that I feel lost without it.

A hairband

Two pocket sized perfumes (Eau des Jardins by Clarins and Princess by Vera Wang)

And a pen.

This is everything that I carry around with me on a day-to-day basis (minus all the recipts and random notes)

Hope you guys liked and I promise I'll be back with an outfit-of-the-day (once my ASOS package has arrived, eee)


  1. Love the idea of a small purse for keys....I need one!

    T x

  2. Yeah it's just a neat way to keep things :) mines from Accessorize xx

  3. I love the wallet from Primark, it's so cute!

  4. i looovee your wallet! looks so posh!

  5. Wow, the contents of your bag is super organised, well more than mine anyway, hehe!

    And I agree with Tabitha, it's a good idea for a small purse to put your keys in. xx

  6. I love this post I haven't ever seen one like it before. It such a good idea. Your little kitkat made me laugh you're not alone there though I ALWAYS have black jacks and fruit salads in my bag ;)

    i love your blog its really cute :)



  7. @Chic Geek and @Donna - Thankyou!

    @Designer Spray - Haha, my bag maybe organised but everything else in my life isn't :P I wish I was always organised!

    @Ellen - The KitKat comes in handy ;) Ooh I love black jacks and fruit salads!

  8. In reply to your comment, the ones on my post are from ASOS. and are only £10. although, I hear primark do good versions too, and obviously for literally a quarter of the price x

  9. Love you primark purse, very gorgeous!!!

  10. Lovely bits, I adore L'Imperatrice too. That's a cute little bag for your keys, is it Ted Baker?
    Kat x Click&Make-Up

  11. Thanks for sharing what's inside your bag.:D

    I like your wallet!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  12. @Lauren- Oooh I must have a look there!

    @Steph - Thankyou :)

    @Kat - Yes, it's such a lovely perfume. No it's not, it's from Accessorize :)

    @Marie - Thankyou!

  13. I love your bag! I'm the same way with my bag, I keep everything in it!

  14. i read that book for my lit and lang and i swear to god it was the most boring thing ever, how are you finding it ? but that perfume is divine x

  15. @yemi - oh really? No I'm really enjoying it at the moment. I'm almos finished. The very start drags out a ittle bit, and I was really unmotivated to read it, but then I realised it was a true story! And yes, I love the perfume!


  16. nicely equipped bag :)
    that lip Vaseline is a good call too.

  17. I love posts like this (:
    Totally agreeing with the whole kit kat thing!

  18. I was about to say that your wallet looks very Chanel like! I did a post like this, too, recently. They are fun! If you're interested: