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Saturday, 11 September 2010


It has overtaken Daisy by Marc Jacobs as my favourite scent. There, I said it.

The scent is fruity; a type of scent I usually steer away from.

D&G 3 L'Impératrice opens with top notes of rhubarb, red currant and juicy kiwi accord. The musky notes, sandalwood and grapefruit wood in the base notes are boisterous, brilliant and incredibly addictive'

'Incredibly addictive'? Ha, you can say that again! It's £35 for 100ml and I believe Naomi Campbell is the model for this particular perfume.It's a good deal if you ask me and it's lucky that it's such a big bottle because I can honestly not stop spraying this!
With the purchase I got this reasonably sized wash bag which will come in handy.

A fear I often have with perfumes is that it won't last long. But a few spritz here and there (wrists, neck and hair) is enough to last a full day at college, which is what I like! And considering it's an Eau de Toilette, that is pretty darn good!

I would say that this is very much a day scent - it's too casual for the evening. But I recommend this 100%. Obviously, scent is a very personal thing so when you're next perfume shopping, smell this and tell me what you think!


  1. awesome review love perfume post !! thanks for sharing

  2. i think i have to sell my leg to afford d&g perfume haha. i actually love fruity scents.. my 24/7 go to lotion/spray is orange mango by bath and body :) its strong but i like when people smell me a mile away muwahahaha!