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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

My first NOTD

'Oooh, is that the Chanel particulière you've got on there?'

'Well, it's the £3.50 version, yes'

Yep, there is near identical that I have been trying to find for months. This beauty is found at eyeko and I honestly think this is the best 'high street' dupe there is.

Posh Polish by Eyeko £3.50

Particulière by Chanel £19

Ok, so my application isn't quite as good as the Chanel picture, but you get the idea. The only difference I can really see by the pictures is the shine on the Particulière, but I think that if I put a top coat over the Posh Polish then it would look exactly the same. And even better, the mushroom-hued nail polish is bang on trend this year.

So here's what I like about the Posh Polish:

- Cute packaging, the bottle isn't a ridiculous size that I will never finish
- Application was easy
- Almost opaque with one coat, but two coates for a perfect finish
- Doesn't chip bad at all (without a top coat, it lasted three days without chipping!)
- And it drys amazingly fast

The only thing I can honestly say it could improve on is the amount of shine after it dries - it's slightly too matte for my liking, but obviously that's just a personal opinion.

I was shopping around Eyeko.com and actually bought two nail polishes and an eye cream, but because I spent over £10 I got another free nail polish...roll on the freebies!

For £3.50 it's a complete steal. I'm actually quite content about this find.

Thankyou Eyeko!


  1. It's so lovely! might have to get myself some :) xo

  2. its gorgeous, looks similar to the Barry M mushroom colour that i blogged about :)


  3. @Victoria India - You should! I mean for £3.50 you can't go wrong!

    @Donna Baby - The colour is beautiful!

    @Jess - Yes! Very similar to Mushroom by Barry M, although I think Mushroom is slightly more muddy... :)

  4. mm that does look similar :) so does mushroom barry M! ahhh so many choices! i still like the chanel one though. simply because it's Chanel.
    ahhh dear.

    Monica xx

  5. the color is nice, makes me think of nude nails haha :) cute blog

  6. Wow, that IS a very, very good dupe! When I saw the first pic, I thought it was Particulière.

  7. Oeh I love it, the colour is so beautiful! And you were right, it's almost identical!


  8. I think that shade looks so similar! What a great find! Better price too!

    Love the blog, I'm following!

  9. What a gorgeous shade! It is so close to the Chanel one too. What a steal. :)

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    i followed! do you want to follow mine?

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