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Sunday, 16 October 2011

American Fingertips.

Dwelling on the past....and suffering from the summer blues, especially with the bi-polar weather we are suffering from here in the UK. 

I went on an American road trip in the summer, visiting L.A, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, Pheonix, Palm Springs etc. It was amazing and I want to go back! 

Before we flew out, I felt the need to get in the American spirit...

I got these acylic nails which the technician and I just made up as we went along, but thankfully it turned out ok! (Apart from the fact that my bum went numb after sitting down for 2 and a half hours...ouch!)

I'd love to have acylic nails all the time - wouldn't we all? But they are expensive and do damage the nail. Which is a shame because they look amazing!


  1. love these!!! looks great :) i want it done xx

  2. Oh wow, such cool nails! I wish I had the ability to do this but I suck at doing my nails hehe

  3. The nails are bootiful.
    definitely getting into the american spirit

  4. @Laura - Do it, I feel so glamorous with fake nails!

    @Becky - I want to teach myself how to do acylic nails...something to do after exams I think!

  5. They're SO CUTE!

    Victoria - VIPXO - http://www.vipxo.co.uk