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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Gothic Glamour

Black is the classic colour everyone goes back to. It goes with, you name it, everything.

So when I was rummaging through my wardrobe at 7.30am, frantically trying to find suitable clothes for a day of college, why is it I immediatly turned to the reliable black leggins and a black tunic? Simply because it looks...nice.

After my morning crisis, ASOS once again became my saviour.
I found this...

I couldn't get a good shot of the back, so take a look at the link.

The rings are from Accessorize. 

Who said Gothic was out of fashion?

The delicate, sheer material juxtaposes the inital heaviness of the piece and the white embroidered crosses uplift the intensity.

What I'm trying to say is; it's unique.

The cape-like pleat at the back is my favourite. £39 is not cheap and quite frankly, I don't think it should be that expensive but I am going to keep my beady eye on Reverse - the design label - because of their innovative designs and I think you should too!


  1. Really liked your blouse :)

  2. I saw this shirt on ASOS the other day and was so tempted to buy it, but you're right it is a bit pricey. Looks really good on you though!

  3. That blouse has such a lovely back, and OHMYGOD, your legs.

  4. Love the shirt, looks so nice. And good choice of rings, you have good taste in jewellery! :)

  5. i love the love ring! its so cute!