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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A Christmas Manicure

I don't often attempt a French Manicure because I know it'll end up in tears. 

However, festivities got to me and I decided I'd give it a go, but with a Christmas twist. An earlier post saw me desperate for a metallic nail varnish - I thought I found 'the one' when I searched on Amazon, but when it arrived it was just a boring, plain silver. Not really what I'd hoped for. After weeks of sitting aimlessly in my drawer, it suddenly became useful.

I used my Accessorize nail polish for the base and the 'boring, plain silver' for the tip.

I am pleasantly suprised with how it turned out; subtle, chic and pretty. It's festive...but not too festive (red, green, gold, pine needles sprinkled on top sort of thing)

On another Christmassy note...

- The tree is up and decorated (although I was blissfully unaware that the tree had fallen over until this morning...).

- After anticipation, it finally decided to snow today. Not too happy about this however, it's ok for a day, but then it turns to slush and it's not pretty anymore.

- Elf was on the T.V the other night, one of my favourite Christmas films! 

 What is everyone doing to get in the Christmas mood this year? I'd love to hear :) 


  1. I did something similar in mint but its time for a silver christmas feeling :D

  2. Such a good idea, your nails look gorgeous!
    and I love reading posts about Christmas, eeee so excited... I turn into such a big kid haha :) xx

  3. Oooh your nails are so pretty, I actually saved the photo so I can try to recreate it sometime! Love the combination of the nude colour with silver. x

  4. Nice nails.