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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Not a Pauls Boutique fan, but...

...I'm kind of liking this 'Molly' bag, their most recent design. And yes, it does have the same name as me, so maybe it's meant to be?

So normally I'm not a fan of P.B, I find everything too loud and obnoxious (?). I prefer more conservative bags from designers such as Mulberry (who doesn't love them?) My most recent bag-lust is an ostrich skin, structured bag from ALDO - although sadly it's slowly falling apart. 

Hopefully this new Molly bag will be on its way to me soon. (A little bit scared it may be too small, only 30cm wide may be a problem, what do you think?)

I'm a big fan of quilted clothing this year so this falls into that category perfectly.

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